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Wash your hair too frequently incur syndrome

by Administrator

Wash your own shampoo was not at home, but to Xitou Fang let others for their own services, this is a kind of fashion in today. Many people believe that the day of your busy day, in the evening to wash Xitou Fang head, relax, is the most beautiful thing to enjoy. Doctors may believe that this may lead to shampoo fashion enjoy syndrome. Mr. Fan is a company's white-collar workers, every day is busy. Long periods of exertion, Mr. Fan had the evening to Xitou Fang massage shampoo, then sleep habits. But recently, Mr. Fan felt this relaxed to enjoy a sense of shampoo unable to stop it, if not wash your hair every other two days, there is an itchy scalp, dandruff phenomenon, sometimes accompanied by hair loss symptoms. Dermatologists believe that the emergence of Mr. Fan these symptoms may be related to his frequent shampooing habits, medically known as shampoo syndrome. People's lives are mostly used in shampoos contain strong alkaline detergent composition, contact with the body generally does not have much impact, if it is in Xitou Fang in prolonged contact with the skin, the skin will produce certain stimulus. Coupled with a long staff in Xitou Fang massage the skin, scratching, etc., it is easy to make these basic ingredients into the human hair root hair follicles, so as to erode people's hair, stimulate the scalp, appeared itchy scalp scalp crumbs phenomenon of the increase, the situation will be severe symptoms of hair loss. These symptoms appear like Mr. Fan is caused because of frequent shampooing, it is typical of frequent shampooing syndrome. Those who like to patronize Xitou Fang, pay attention to self-regulation, try to avoid such symptoms, in order to achieve the purpose of easy relaxation shampoo. First, we must understand their own hair, according to a reasonable choice of quality hair shampoo, hair shampoo to minimize erosion. Second, we must strictly control the shampoo on the head retention time, preferably not more than five minutes, in order to reduce the basic component of hair shampoo erosion. Third, we must learn the correct way to shampoo, so gently light wash, to reduce damage to the hair. Finally, do a good job in the future, before long massage, close your eyes and rest easy. Dermatologists tell people, only seriously do a good job, to health and leisure correct.

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