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Today you her hair yet?

by Administrator

Shampoo do you value? Whether, as the care of their skin as the care of their hair do? Do you know? Hair is not only the need for frequent cleaning, but also to pay attention to methods? Not only can hair shampoo scientifically clean. And can simultaneously achieve the purpose of hair, serve two purposes, why not? Know your hair want to have a healthy beautiful hair, you first need to understand their own hair. According to the head of sebum secretion, we usually put the hair into dry hair, oily hair and normal hair categories. To understand their own hair, in addition to consult an experienced hair stylist, you can do your own judgment, as follows: oily hair wash hair in the morning until the evening head to have grease, or has been able to feel the hair oil Yau Ma Tei tresses. Dry hair dark hair color, it is easy to fly bunches after each shampoo over several days will seem to be greasy. Our hair at different stages of hair growth is not the same, just grow hair hair best to the middle or long hair, because by varying degrees of damage, they tend to lose their luster and supple. So really the best hair in the middle of the standard is as good or hair of hair and hair roots. Choose the appropriate shampoo: shampoo mostly contain chemicals must be careful when you choose. Shampoo can be divided into different forms: lotion, cream, powder and block. Divided by synthetic materials and soap type. Synthetic, easy to use, more foam, detergency strong, gentle, irritation, easy to clean, the effect of water temperature and water quality is not shampoo, can enhance hair elasticity and shine to the hair loose and easy to comb. Soap type, fatty acid content, weakly alkaline, foaming, detergency, suitable for oily hair. In principle, should be selected to adapt the nature of the skin and hair, preferably with a weakly alkaline. Otherwise, the hair after shampooing will lose luster and elasticity and become dejected vertical collapse, but also causes hair to turn yellow or red. Dry skin will make the scalp more rough, increased dandruff. Best not to damage the scalp shampoo with ordinary soap, because the surface layer of scaly hair horny tissue, if the soap rubbed directly to the head, soap is very easy to clip into a scaly horny gap, which can not easily be cleaned and hair. But can not use soap shampoo, soap containing alkaline heavier because, if retained the scales caught in the stratum corneum due to alkali corrosion and loss, so that greatly increased dandruff, hair is more susceptible to damage. Shampoo: Before shampooing the hair with a hair brush to dust on the surface of the hair brush first, then layering the hair flips, followed by dry brush, hair roots and scalp, and finally painted the hair around the edge of the foot, This can reduce the amount of shampoo when hair loss. Before use shampoo with 40 ℃ warm water to wet hair, then shampoo into the palm of your hand rub to lather, then apply to the hair.

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