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Four Mistakes have hair cleansing

by Administrator

Many people think that would be unhealthy wash your hair every day, the reasons are many. If your reason is not because of lazy, then you know look at these four major errors related to "shampoo every day," the. Myth one: shampoo contains a lot of chemical composition, and therefore will hurt scalp shampoo every day, so the hair becomes dry. Wrong! As the technology matures, the quality of washing method of hair care products in the chemical composition of both moderate acidity, but also by a large number of clinical studies, everyday use will not cause any harm to irritate the scalp. Instead, use good hair care products can form a protective film on the scalp, its role even better than their secretion of sebum. Myth: Daily shampooing likely to cause hair loss. Wrong! Long hair roots deep in the scalp, usually acting on the factors that affect hair less hair roots. Any high-quality hair care products will not cause hair loss, it will not affect the hair growth cycle. Rude manner will cause hair loss shampoo. Myth: not freshly washed hair type, hair oil in two days, but looks better. Wrong! Not just washed hair fluffy type, because oil has not distributed from the hair root to the hair shaft. If you wait until the oil is distributed to the hair, then a lot has been contaminated with dirt, direct harm to the personal health and beauty. Fear fluffy hair lotion may be used alone or with disposable hair lotion. Myth: wet hair sleep will get a headache, it will hurt the hair dry with a hairdryer. Wrong! There is no scientific basis for display sleep on wet hair can cause headaches or colds. If the sleep habits of dry hair, you can use a towel to absorb the water on the hair, then blow-dry with a hairdryer at low temperature. As long let dry hairdryer constantly moving, and note the distance and the hair was maintained at 10 cm above the duct will not hurt the hair.

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