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Fall shampoo Beware

by Administrator

Autumn is the season of hair loss, so be sure to pay attention to protect the hair. Before repeatedly reading about hair care tips that you should pay particular attention now, certainly not just talking but also correctly applied to shampoo, hair care in the past. Those experiences you learned there is something wrong in it, Check it out, maybe you'll suddenly find yourself in the wrong way gone too long - one common mistake shampoo hair wrong! Almost all of the foam, the better people think, the more foam shampoo, its cleaning performance is better, in fact is not the case, cleaning performance and is not proportional to how much foam. Wrong! Not every shampoo wash your hair daily with shampoo, it will stimulate the sebaceous glands secrete more oil, resulting in greasy hair. This said, nor correct. Regular shampoo make hair clean, and remove the greasy. Even daily shampoo, but also for the good of the hair. Wrong! More beneficial hair comb hair 100 times a day, can make hair more smooth healthy. This is a false argument. Hair comb brush too much, especially with hard feather comb, will make the hair split ends and scalp injuries. Wrong! Conditioner lot applicator with a lot of hair conditioner, hair care have better results. This said, also not. Too much conditioner may leave trash in the hair, the hair greasy sticky soft. Second, you are still so correctly to shampoo massage the scalp before shampooing it, so dirt loose from. All wet hair with warm water. A small amount of shampoo on the palm, and then wipe the foam applicator on the hair. Use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp, then comb hair with your fingers to light. Finally, the hair should be thoroughly cleaned. Wash the hair, how you hair with a towel? To do so dry hair after shampooing, generally the best hair dry naturally. If the towel dry hair, to use half the size of a towel to dry the hair all the water, and then the other half of the towel, to dry after brain, thus making it possible to remove most of the water, which then use natural breezes blow a little period of time, it can make hair dry completely. Linen or cotton cloth towel to the best effect. Third, gently massage essential in shampoo, scalp massage with your fingers, can promote blood circulation of scalp, make hair more nutrients, oxygen, hormones, etc., so that the hair looks fit. Massage nails can not be used when contact with the scalp, only belly with your fingers starting from the site have hair on his forehead, at a fixed site kneading, kneading slowly, step by step to the future site of the forehead, and then move to the head, on both sides, until neck. Often shampoo and massage to prevent hair dirty, dry and cause hair loss have a good effect. Hair, there are some modifications stress. Tie with ribbon, when the rubber band, not the hair bundle too tight, so that is not conducive to hair growth and bodybuilding. With fluffy hair as well, so make the natural growth of hair. Excellent head brush, comb hair will Sunzhe. When comb hair comb is best to use a wide distance and the quality of soft tough hair appliances. Inevitably damage the hair perm, perm again less than three months in particular, make the hair perm brittle, yellow and dull. Less perm and to take all measures to protect the hair, make your hair like clouds, to maintain the natural scenery.

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