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Correct shampoo healthy hair

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To have a healthy hair, shampoo every day is essential. Here to introduce you to a healthy and beautiful hair of the six steps. 1, before shampooing first with large-tooth comb the hair comb, comb hair first, then gradually upward, finally comb from the root to the tips. Note, do not pull the hair impatiently; 2, wet hair thoroughly with warm water, the water temperature controlled at 38 degrees Celsius; 3, to the palm pour the right amount of shampoo, use a sufficient amount of shampoo according to hair length Lu, in order to produce enough foam to cover all the hair; 4, the shampoo in the palm of the hand rub foaming, then add hair, wiped from the scalp, the hair root to tip, the shampoo evenly wipe hair and gently massage with the pulp. Do not scratch the scalp with nails and hair, this will seriously damage the scalp even cause dandruff; 5, cleaning, let the water walk through the hair, and stroked the hair from top to bottom. It is important at this time to ensure the force of friction, but points or comb hair rudely pull hair because wet hair is very fragile, prone to friction damage; 6, strengthen the hair if you need special care, especially bifurcation damaged hair or hair and other easily damaged at the tip, hair lotion available. Allowed to remain on the hair for 1-2 minutes more, then rinse.

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